osbrain.logging — osBrain logging logic

Implementation of logging-related features.

class osbrain.logging.Logger(name='', host=None, serializer=None, transport=None, attributes=None)

Bases: osbrain.agent.Agent

Specialized Agent for logging. Binds a SUB socket and starts logging incoming messages.

log_handler(message, topic)

Handle incoming log messages.


Initialize attributes.


Set environment variables to activate Pyro logging. The log level is set to “DEBUG”.

osbrain.logging.run_logger(name, nsaddr=None, addr=None, base=<class 'osbrain.logging.Logger'>)

Ease the logger creation process.

This function will create a new logger, start the process and then run its main loop through a proxy.

  • name (str) – Logger name or alias.
  • nsaddr (SocketAddress, default is None) – Name server address.
  • addr (SocketAddress, default is None) – New logger address, if it is to be fixed.

A proxy to the new logger.

Return type: