osbrain.logging — osBrain logging logic

Implementation of logging-related features.

class osbrain.logging.Logger(name='', host=None, serializer=None, transport=None, attributes=None)

Bases: osbrain.agent.Agent

Specialized Agent for logging. Binds a SUB socket and starts logging incoming messages.


addr(alias) Return the address of a socket given by its alias.
after(delay, method, *args[, alias]) Execute an action after a delay.
before_loop() This user-defined method is to be executed right before the main loop.
bind(kind[, alias, handler, addr, …]) Bind to an agent address.
close(alias[, linger]) Close a socket given its alias and clear its entry from the Agent.socket dictionary.
close_all([linger]) Close all non-internal zmq sockets.
connect(server[, alias, handler]) Connect to a server agent address.
each(period, method, *args[, alias]) Execute a repeated action with a defined period.
execute_as_function(function, *args, **kwargs) Execute a function passed as parameter.
execute_as_method(function, *args, **kwargs) Execute a function as a method, without adding it to the set of agent methods.
get_attr(name) Return the specified attribute of the agent.
has_socket(alias) Return whether the agent has the passed socket internally stored.
idle() This function is to be executed when the agent is idle.
is_running() Returns a boolean indicating whether the agent is running or not.
kill() Force shutdown of the agent.
list_timers() Return a list with all timer aliases currently running.
log_debug(message[, logger]) Log a debug message.
log_error(message[, logger]) Log an error message.
log_handler(message, topic) Handle incoming log messages.
log_info(message[, logger]) Log an info message.
log_warning(message[, logger]) Log a warning message.
on_init() Initialize attributes.
ping() A test method to check the readiness of the agent.
raise_exception() Raise an exception (for testing purposes).
recv(address) Receive a message from the specified address.
run() Start the main loop.
safe_call(method, *args, **kwargs) A safe call to a method.
send(address, message[, topic, handler, …]) Send a message through the specified address.
send_recv(address, message) This method is only used in REQREP communication patterns.
set_attr(**kwargs) Set object attributes.
set_logger(logger[, alias]) Connect the agent to a logger and start logging messages to it.
set_method(*args, **kwargs) Set object methods.
shutdown() Cleanly stop and shut down the agent assuming the agent is running.
stop() Stop the agent.
stop_all_timers() Stop all currently running timers.
stop_timer(alias) Stop a currently running timer.
subscribe(alias, handler, str], Any]) Subscribe a SUB/SYNC_SUB socket given by its alias to the given topics, and leave the handlers prepared internally.
unsubscribe(alias, topic, str]) Unsubscribe a SUB/SYNC_SUB socket given by its alias from a given specific topic, and delete its entry from the handlers dictionary.
log_handler(message, topic)

Handle incoming log messages.


Initialize attributes.


Set environment variables to activate Pyro logging. The log level is set to “DEBUG”.

osbrain.logging.run_logger(name, nsaddr=None, addr=None, base=<class 'osbrain.logging.Logger'>)

Ease the logger creation process.

This function will create a new logger, start the process and then run its main loop through a proxy.

name : str

Logger name or alias.

nsaddr : SocketAddress, default is None

Name server address.

addr : SocketAddress, default is None

New logger address, if it is to be fixed.


A proxy to the new logger.